Headquartered in IRAQ EMAAR Group is one of the leading incorporations in today’s business world. While its main market is Middle East region EMAAR Group also does business with European & Far East countries. The Group with a unique B2B method has established a portfolio of industries to be able to serve in different fields to a wide range of customers. EMAAR Group consists of different sectors like General Trading, Petroleum & Energy Services, Construction & Consultancy, Shipping, Medicine & Medical Equipment and Information Technology. EMAAR Group consists its activitiesthrough several offices in IRAQ (Central, North & South), LONDON, ROMANIA, DUBAI (U.A.E). The group started to found its subordinate companies since 2009 and through these years has developed its special activities and services for projects in Middle East by establishing different joints with certified international companies.


EMAAR Group consists of below mentioned companies:

e-ngcEMAAR of new golden castle (Trading)
General Trading & Trading Agencies Company

e-bgEMAAR of black gold
Petroleum & Energy Services Company

e-ngoEMAAR of new golden castle (Real Estate)
General Construction & Real Estate Investment Company

e-gcEBTEKAR of new golden castle
Engineering Consultant Company

e-gsEMAAR of Golden Shipping
General Transportation Company

e-daEMAAR Dar AlShafa
General Trading, Medicine & Medical Equipment Company

e-uktrade1EMAAR UK London
General Trading & Investment Company

Information Technology Company

neworldNew World
of technology and trading co

General Trading Company

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